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Wikane is a very successful European network of business consultants that has operated as a franchise for more than 10 years. We are looking for two Master Franchise partners – one for the UK and one for Ireland, who will each build their own equally successful network of franchisees to guide SME clients to sustainable, steady growth using the proven Wikane methodology.

WIKANE’s strength is in guiding SMEs to sustainable, steady growth, focussing equally on all the functions integral to that growth: consistent strategy, relevant financial tools, ambitious marketing, structured sales and an appropriate internal organisation.

The WiKane network is the only market player to provide comprehensive and integrated support to its clients. It offers strategic planning with a complete tool set to deliver, outlined within a defined Growth Agreement. It facilitates businesses through a five-year growth period to achieve a suitable critical mass at which point they are ideally placed to take control of their own destiny. Importantly this also takes into account the personal objectives of the Owner/Manager.

WIKANE has more than 25 year’s experience as a consultancy and over 10 years as a franchise network, with more than 50 franchisees across Europe. We offer a unique service delivered through a coherent package of actions, methods and tools on five growth drivers: strategic and financial communications, sales tools, direct and digital marketing and internal communication.

None of our franchisees are here to tread water until retirement; they are all highly motivated, driven to get results for every client and to build a highly profitable business of their own –  these are exactly the kind of people you will recruit for the UK Network.

As a master franchise partner, you will benefit from our vast experience, respected brand, proven systems, training and ongoing support.

The WIKANE Master Franchise Opportunity

Your mission is to develop a network of WIKANE franchisees in the UK.

Your journey will begin with 3 weeks training at our head office in Annecy-le-Vieux in the south east of France. Since you will be recruiting, then training your own franchisees, you will first need to become an expert in the WIKANE methodology, systems and procedures.

Of course, we will be looking to you to lead from the front and inspire, support and nurture them, so you yourself will be a high achiever with an impressive career history to date.

You will have access to a packaged tool kit of markets, targets, supports, presentations, tools, dashboards and more. The WIKANE concept, tested and proved over 11 years, will bring you and your franchisees a fast and efficient start. You can then concentrate all your efforts on your mission of finding franchisees and bringing them your support.

Your franchisees will grow their clients’ portfolio through their existing network, by prospecting and by delivering for their clients every time. Your revenue will come from your own consultancy and from a share of your franchisees revenue.

Revenue will come from fees generated from your own consultancy and the franchise fees and monthly management service fees collected (by you) from your franchisees.



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