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Right at Home is a leading UK and International provider of social care for adults in the place they call home. But what are our USP’s? Why should you choose to join our network?

We firmly believe that our systems and our competitor’s systems can be copied, however what does differentiate us distinctly from the competitors is our DNA; which is essentially our people and our relationships with our Franchisees.

What makes Right at Home an expert in franchising and home care?

  • Our position as a market leader in the US, 20 years’ experience and more than 400 offices worldwide and a growing reputation in the UK market for delivering top quality home care
  • The tailored and in-depth training, support and mentoring we provide to all owners at all stages of their business growth
  • The experience and close guidance of our award winning managing director, himself a former British Franchise Association Franchisee of the Year and McDonald’s Golden Arches Award winner (top 30 McDonald’s Franchise Owners in the world)

Our ethos of growing our network and our teams with ethical, motivated people who share a desire to be the best at what they do.


Our USP’s?
  • An outstanding, dedicated and professional support team wholly committed to supporting the Franchisees at the highest level. Currently the support ratio is 5 Franchisees to each member of the Head Office team.
  • A Quality and Performance led Support team that prioritises Franchisee success and returns ahead of its own as demonstrated by territory size – compared to that of our competitors – and the value for the Initial Fee and costs borne by Head Office as part of Management Service Fee’s that reduce Franchisees operating costs.
  • A controlled and measured growth plan for our Franchises that ensures our Franchisees will always have direct access to the Senior Management team.
  • The best in sector first two years average sales figures, month on month. As a result on average our Franchisees get to break-even quicker and have a faster start than the rest of the care sector franchises. Therefore our Franchisees have tremendous success rates in terms of revenue turnover and bottom line profitability. We believe this is because of our ability to select quality franchisees, awarding them quality territories that work backed up by a detailed and productive opening support programme.
  • Our CQC ratings are industry leading with an overall rating of 97.7% amongst our offices that have had inspections. This is testimony to both our quality support and best in class owners.

Why it beats setting up your own independent business

90% of independent start-ups do not succeed past 5 years; in contrast 90% of franchisees are still in business after 5 years.

With Right at Home you will be entering into a close and mutually dependent relationship, whereby you invest in us to provide you with the best possible chance of building a highly successful business, and we invest in you to run that business more capably than anyone else could. Our growth and success is dependent on the growth and success of our franchisees; so our commitment to you and your business is absolute.


Market growth in the care sector

There has never been a better time to enter the home care sector, providing you have the right tools with which to do the job.

Demographic data shows that the number of over 75s is going to double over the next 20 years as the baby boom generation approach their senior years, and like many Western societies, on average we are all living longer lives.

Current research shows that this considerably large, ageing population would not choose to live in residential care if there was an option to remain living safely at home. They want to continue living independent, active lives.


Our common values:
  • We share a passion for helping others and put our clients’ interests ahead of all else.
  • All owners enjoy easy access to the company’s decision-makers and their views are sought on all major projects, whilst being actively encouraged to contribute to the wider development of the group.
  • They are part of an engaged network that supports its new members, builds regional working relationships, shares best practice and helps to shape its own future.
  • At Right at Home there is no ceiling to your success. We offer large territories and support multi-territory ownership once success has been proven.

In summary, we are the Right people, doing the Right things, the Right way for the Right reasons.

Franchise Fee


Franchise Set up Costs &   Working Capital Required: £50k – £70k dependent on the area & your personal circumstances

Total Investment: Up to £120k

On-going Royalties: 6.25% + VAT of turnover

Financial assistance is offered through a specialist franchise broker.

Term of Franchise License is 10 Years


If you would like to talk to us about UK opportunities with Right at Home please call us on 0131 664 1218 or drop us an email to franchise@platinumwave.co.uk

The training, back-up and support has been exceptional so far, and I really feel like I have been given every chance to succeed.

Mark Beeby

Right at Home South Trafford

The training that I have had from the RAH team has been so valuable – I can’t speak highly enough about it.

Andrew Davis

Right at Home Bournemouth

The franchise training exceeded my expectations – it really was first class, an invaluable experience. There was lots of information that you just wouldn’t get if you were starting up on your own; I feel it has really allowed me to hit the ground running.

Joe Guishard

Right at Home Cardiff & Newport

The conference is providing a great opportunity to meet and get to know the rest of the Right at Home community – that’s one of the biggest benefits to being in a franchise, that you can talk to people and learn what they are doing with their businesses, understand that they face the same challenges as you do and share ideas as part of a group.

John Houghton

Right at Home Derby