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German Doner Kebab

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German Doner Kebab compares to a typical late night British kebab takeaway in much the same way that a Michelin Star dessert compares to a chocolate bar; we have taken a humble and often maligned product and turned it into a highly desirable, fresh, purchase that customers are proud to be seen enjoying day and night.

GDK was created in Berlin, Germany in 1989, with the vision of creating classic, authentic and healthy kebabs, combining high quality produce with excellent customer service. GDK launched in Dubai in 2013 and soon had multiple locations opening up in the UAE thanks to its appealing franchise model. The brand came to the UK in 2016 and has grown rapidly, with many of the countries most experienced multi-site franchisees coming on board. Nearly 200 UK locations have now been committed to. The owner of GDK International is Hero Brands – a Scottish based company that builds international franchise brands.

We have more than 50 stores thriving in Europe and the Middle East. The brand operates in UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah), Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan, Sweden and the UK. There are 16 stores open in the UK (will be 28 by the end of 2018) and interest in the brand is growing in North America and across Europe. We expect a further 15 international stores to open this year with 5 in the US and Canada.


With a strong modern brand and the promotion of healthy, fresh, nutritious ingredients that appeals to a broad market, our unique kebab concept is like nothing you have ever tasted or experienced before.

Food trends can come and go, but there is no denying that the global shift towards finding an artisanal experience that doesn’t cost the earth in a street food or food to go format rather than a stuffy restaurant, is here to stay. While dozens of Gourmet Burger brands fight it out to be No.1 in their sector, GDK is the undoubted leader in the kebab market. Also, our standard kebab is a fresh, satisfying taste sensation that comes in at a fraction of the calories customers expect. That’s right, the healthy kebab has arrived.


We have partnered with a hugely experienced team (with combined F&B experience of 100 years +) to make sure that the rollout of every single German Doner Kebab franchise is flawless. As our franchisee,  all this expertise would be at your fingertips.

German Doner Kebab is the turn key food franchise opportunity experienced operators have been waiting for, and we are ready to move as fast as you need us to.

If you would like to talk to us about Franchise opportunities with German Doner Kebab please call us on 0131 664 1218 or drop us an email to franchise@platinumwave.co.uk