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Franchise Resales

Part Time Children’s Theatre School in Bristol

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Razzamataz has more than 40 part-time theatre schools up and down the country with more opening each year. Occasionally, there is the opportunity to purchase an established business, as is the case now with Razzamataz Bristol, which launched in 2012 and has more than 100 students.

Principals Ross Brown, who is an experienced drama and English teacher and James Murden, a presenter on QVC have made a huge impact in the local community with their red carpet events among other activities. Due to personal reasons, they are now looking to sell to an individual or partnership.

“This is a fantastic business opportunity for someone with the passion and time to grow the school even more than we have,” says Ross. “Our commitments outside of Razzamataz have now increased so it is with regret that we have decided to sell because we no longer have the capacity to dedicate to the school and grow it to its full potential.”

For more information please email suzie@platinumwave.co.uk


Part Time Children’s Theatre School in Tonbridge

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Razzamataz Theatre Schools is a franchise business that shot to prominence in 2007 after an investment from Duncan Bannatyne on BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

Principal Dave Mac is a retired policeman who launched the performing arts school in Tonbridge and made a huge impression in his local community. Due to personal reasons, he is now looking to sell.

Dave says “This is a fantastic opportunity for one lucky person or a partnership to take over an existing, acclaimed school of almost 100 students with more joining all of the time. The potential for expansion and utilisation of other avenues of revenue is substantial.”

For more information please email suzie@platinumwave.co.uk