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UK-Wide Opportunities

Crolla’s Gelateria have been making superb ice cream in Scotland since 1895 and are now one of the leading suppliers in the country.

As winners of Scotland’s Best Ice Cream Parlours, Crolla’s are proud to offer you the opportunity to run your own, very stylish ice cream parlour that offers not only amazing ice cream and desserts but excellent food and Italian coffee.

Crolla’s Gelateria combines a proven business model including sandwiches, panini, desserts and speciality coffees with a wide range of on-the-premises-made delicious Gelato.

The unique aspect of this business is that each Gelateria makes its own ice cream with over 80 flavours to choose from and offers customers an innovative blend of create-your-own ice cream in the form of a coldstone creation.

A Crolla’s Gelateria franchise offers a great new career opportunity for entrepreneurs and passionate ice cream loving people


Total cost c£180k. c80 seats in 1300 sq ft unit   This cost will vary depending on location, format, size of store footprint, etc. but this is an indicative cost which includes:

Franchise & Training Fee £10k

Liquid Cash Funds Required c£80k

Monthly Royalty Fee 5% of monthly gross sales

Monthly Marketing Fee 1.5% of monthly gross sales

Project Annual Turnover c£520k+

Projected Net Profit c19%

Up to 60% funding may be available from the franchise banks.

Crolla’s was founded in 1895, when a young Serafino Crolla exchanged the warm sunshine of Italy for the less predictable climates of Scotland to set up his first shop in Queen Mary Street, Glasgow. Over the years it has grown to the business it is today.

For more than 120 years, the Crolla’s recipe for success has been simple – great customer experiences, hard working employees and mouth watering Gelato. Crolla’s growth can mainly be credited to our satisfied customers who have made our once small ice-cream parlour into the huge success it is today.


They bring over 120 years of ice cream making experience to the franchisee with specially sourced, developed and refined ingredients to make world class ice creams.

The Franchise:The unique selling point of each Gelateria is that it makes its own Gelato (ice cream) on site and has access to the ingredients to make over 80 flavours and offers customers an innovative blend of create-your-won ice cream in the form of a coldstone creation.


If you would like to talk to us about UK opportunities with Crolla’s please call us on 0131 664 1218 or drop us an email to franchise@platinumwave.co.uk