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Countrywide Signs in Scotland

The signs are good that Scotland may see some of the busiest activity in the UK housing market in the coming years, so needless to say this is a fantastic time to be part of our award winning franchise network.

Take a stroll down any residential area today and there is a very good chance that you will see the work of a Countrywide Signs franchise owner. The UK’s best known estate and letting agents board contractor is responsible for the erection, servicing, and maintenance of ever-present ‘For Sale’, ‘Sold’, and ‘To Let’ signs across the country.

Countrywide Signs has been providing this service to agents since 1998 and has a network of over 60 franchisees nationwide. Countrywide Signs is a multi-van management franchise. This franchise is rare in that the business model actively encourages franchise owners into a situation where they ‘work on their business’ rather than being stuck ‘working in the business.

The Countrywide Signs service is as simple as following the proven system to erect, maintain and take down estate agent’s sign boards.

Countrywide Signs is the market leader as the only company in the industry to have attained the ISO9001 quality standard.

We are inviting applications not only from people interested in single territory franchises across Scotland, but also from anyone with the experience and resources to become our Master Franchise Partner or Country Developer in Scotland.

A Master Franchise Partner will purchase the right operate Countrywide Signs across the whole of Scotland. He or She will then sell individual Scottish territories to franchisees who will pay them a management service fee in return for training, support and the right to trade in that territory using the Countrywide Signs business model and brand.

A Country Developer Partner will purchase the right to operate Countrywide Signs in Scotland as a single franchise territory. He or She will build a network of staff to run the business.

According to the Glasgow Solicitors Property Centre (GSPC) “A combination of increasing house prices, higher successful bidding prices and reduced selling times has led to 2015 ending on a positive note for the west of Scotland property market.”

 Meanwhile over on the East coast Mov8 Real Estate noted “Looking ahead to the start of 2016, we would anticipate that the upward trend in house prices across Edinburgh and East Central Scotland is likely to continue.”

If you would like to talk to us about Scottish and Irish opportunities with Countrywide Signs please call us on 0131 664 1218 or drop us an email to franchise@platinumwave.co.uk